Year One

by capacities

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This compilation is the culmination of our efforts from our first year of being a band. We would like to thank all of the labels and bands we've had the privilege to share a piece of wax with.

Tracks 1-12 originally appear on The Unexamined Life LP released as a split effort between How Soon Is Now Records and Protagonist Music

Tracks 13-16 originally appear on the Capacities / Coma Regalia split 7" released on Middle-Man Records

Tracks 17-25 originally appear on the There Is No Neutral 10" released as a split effort between Melotov Records and Dog Knights Productions

Track 26 is previously unreleased.

Tracks 27-30 originally appear on The Sound Of Young America four-way split LP with Calculator, Innards, and Itto released on Flannel Gurl Records


released August 26, 2014

All songs recorded, mixed and remixed by Steve Roche @ Permanent Hearing Damage Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios in Leverrett, Massachusetts
Compact Disc released by Human Instrumentality Project



all rights reserved


capacities New Jersey

Eric Mauro - Guitar, Vocals
Rob Ross - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Flynn - Drums
Tom Schlatter - Bass, Vocals

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Track Name: An Apology
I wish we could share the things we never had
All those times that would make life easier
The arguments
And lessons
I never wanted to be an older sibling
I'm sorry we're so close but so far
Track Name: Hedgehog's Dilemma
This pattern is blue
I'll just hold my breath
What could i do?
I was only a child
The closer we stand,
the further I feel
Grasping at straws.
Track Name: An Unsuccessful Attack
defense from attacks that lack
rationale, semblence
hysteria. hysteria.
unfounded, outdated.
you lost this time
you'll lose again.
so what card is left to play?
Track Name: Shigoto
I've sold too much time
Trapped in this routine.
Push me toward the windowsill
Spinning my wheels
Time will just leak into
Another awkward break room silence
Track Name: A Cycle of Hollow Joy & Vicious Self-Hatred
I remember getting used to hard wood floors
Now we can't even sleep in our own beds
Tossing and turning
I fidget and scuttle
Gasping and gagging
Like the first breath after a coma
How disgusting
I can only move forward with good intentions.
These unfamiliar ceilings mean nothing.
Track Name: I Am Better On Pills
struggle to grab the words
avoid the awkward stares
errors in hardware
sit back and let this play
decisions to make
live in the background and let it pass by
or smash all the pieces that aim to confine?
we're not on our own.
Track Name: Walk Me Through This
We've been down
This road before.
Time and time again.
Late nights turn black
The old one step forward
Two steps back
I know what I think you wanna hear.
I try and try but never understand.
Bring it back, Let's start again.
I'll get it right in the end.
Track Name: All That One Can Do
quicksand with every word that is said.
like the old phrase
"you're damned if you do and you're damn if you don't".
backward goose chase
of pleasing a concept that won't stay the same.
there are some things
that can't be
made simple,
made easy.
we try our best.
Track Name: I'm Glad You Like A Book
How far have we really come? Hiding behind stale ideals. Don't expect to wash your hands This won’t go away. This is the first step and you're setting everyone back. The old world is still in front of us.
Track Name: Booker Tells It
Time will tell us if you chose to stand on the wrong side of this point in history. You can't go back in time, the doors are unlocked with strength and pride. Will you choose to stand on the wrong side of history?
Track Name: Presque Vu
How can I say this without breaking an egg? To be so blunt at the wrong times. What does soft language heal? I'm still searching for the words. I'm still searching. I need more time.
Track Name: The Unexamined Life
while i'm ahead i'll close the door and remember things the best they were. the rationale of suicide
can't be applied to a whole life.
Everyday these steps seem so much bigger than the last. Have I peaked? Is this all down hill?
What if it doesn't get better than this?
Have I seen all there is to see?
Living groundhog's day again
Have I seen all there is to see?
Is this how I rationalized my life?
Track Name: A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee
Why is it when I look to this place that's given me so much I feel regret? Take your shots, make your distance, build up another wall. Look down your nose at me for everything. I'm waiting in a paper cup in the middle of the ocean. I'm still waiting for this to change.
Track Name: Waking Up At The Doctor
how long was I out? how long has it been?
I can't feel a thing, I can't even breathe.
leaving worse than i was. no answers to the symptoms
living with no questions answered.
Track Name: I Didn't Know We Were At War
had to make peace with the facts of the day
accept the limits of what i could be
invested the time to maintain a peace
only to find out your guns were ablaze
i only wanted
you to pursue
what made you happy
what made you whole
now everytime we speak
i feel the claws are out
and i'm trying my best
have to keep you
at arms reach and I'm sorry,
but I couldn't find an alternative to this.
i'm sure we'll carry on in our separate lives.
Track Name: Personhood In the 21st Century
No nationality, no ethncity, loyalty only to currency
When they spoke of the antichrist they did not know this personhood
Are borders just illusions as the resources and people are exploited?
So move on to the tune of opportunity?
No more presidents, no more governments, one world currency,
one world llc
Track Name: Tacenda
we used to get by with scraped knees before gray turned to white. i propose a toast to you and yours standing on familiar platforms.
missing trains i've missed one thousand times. admitting defeat
without saying a word. with glasses raised it's too late. so we try
Track Name: Academic Flexing
There is value in our every day experience that far exceeds
expensive condescension. While they theorize in comfort
study the words of the text that's assigned that offer no practical
application. Dying to prove how fast they outgrow their own ideals
while the rest of us take comfort in the substance of the real world.
Track Name: Through The Mill
running every red light, kicking down unlocked doors. i want to unsay
it all, and walk away with everything that i let go. return from the
Track Name: Narrow Hallways/Trapped Doors
please let me go. sitting on this bed i can see my breath. the cold
closed in. my resolve is weak and i gave in. all I hear is a hum in
the distance.
Track Name: God To The Flatlanders
The space we take up has more than this.
We can't fathom the units involved
What if your "god" is an equation you haven't worked out?
Just math waiting for us to unfold a tessaract, a space time match,
the unseen facts.
This god is just an unsolved equation, this faith is to an apparition
Track Name: A Young Woman Against The Taliban
she took a stand
for a future
and suffered more than ever
her crime was only
a dream where
there were no limitations
astounded at fixtures that aim to maintain this cycle
the threat that she posed was one of suggesting freedoms
her crime was only
a dream, a thought
of a future
seeds have been planted
Track Name: Home For The Holidays
These days we're like strangers with no context or history.
If we met on the street we wouldn't think twice about our lives.
So let's raise a glass to the duties of obligation that we never asked for
nor do we want.
And they say "what is a man without a family?"
Would you tell me one thing about these ties that bind when they can't even hold a fraction of their weight.
Track Name: Leadership Roles
the leadership brings loneliness, a weight too strong to bare.
so we'll sit here with our heads down and wait for someone to initiate the plans that we'll reap rewards of for just showing up.
Track Name: This Man's Navy
born into constructs that
loosely define character.
social guidelines to follow
that lead down to dead ends
definitions fall short for the range of details
definitions become expectations for behaviors
instil this subtle repression, yeah.
to be accepted by the masses
Track Name: The Art of Excuses
lesson one about excuses:
controversy is no substitute
for a work that gleams with truth
and the backfire
proves the point for us all
and the backfire
shows your tactics just make you look small
Track Name: Advice From Tyrion
wear it like a suit
of the strongest armor
when they call you bastard
when they call you shamed
never forget who you are
this world won't let you
when they call you bastard
when they call you shamed
Track Name: Condolences
Closed caskets, a lowered coffin, burdened with the memory. life is more than a fleeting feeling, and facing death is never easy. While saying I'm sorry never feels like enough to comfort those who need it. Empty vessels, hollow shells.